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Wheels-993 Tramont 2 RS Speedline Style (Front Single Wheel) 8.5"x 18"-ET52 Colors- Silver, Dark Gray or GT2 Medium Gray 993 Narrow Body C2,C4,

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       *** Each order is reviewed and personal contact  will be made before any order is processed to make sure the size is correct for the customer's version of 911 ***                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Tramont Cup 2 Wheels are a high quality 3 piece wheel that is licensed by Porsche AG. These model the original  "Speedline" that came on the rare 993 RS.Complete set of 4 wheels for Narrow Body C2 and C4

  Specifications-Front- 8.5"X18"ET52   Fitment- 993, C2, C4,  Colors- Silver,Dark Gray and * GT2 Medium Gray (*$100 up charge per wheel)

*** NEW*** FREE SHIPPING ***-Shipping from France direct to the customer * Shipping Price includes money transfer fee to France BUT both wheel and shipping cost are in constant change due to the constant changing value of the US dollar and Euro so there may either be additional funds required or a refund may happen. The customer will be required to pay import tariff to shipper DHL or Fed X (usually around $150.00 for set of 4 wheels). We now offer an option that cost $300.00  for a complete set of 4 Tramont wheels that eliminates the customer from any US Customs paperwork and pays the import tariff for the customer.. Werks911 becomes the "importer of record" and pays the import tariff and do any/all paperwork for the customer but still have the wheels delivered direct from France to the customer. This is done in order to not have to re-ship from Werks911 which would be expensive ..We made this an "OPTION" because many Porsche owners are very motivated to save money and have experience with importation of car parts from Europe and US Customs paperwork.If you do not want Werks911 to do this service please check the box in this option NO. The main problem happens when US Customs thinks you are importing a car instead of a set of wheels and trying to contact them to fix this mistake can take a lot of time, especially now with the virus.

 - For a great source of tire sizes with a certain wheel size http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp

*All wheels are custom matched to your car before any set of wheels is shipped. Brakes types can make a difference.in final difference in offset .

Choose Color- Silver, Dark Gray or GT2 Medium Silver for an additional charge* Does not include center caps but stock Porsche center caps fit.