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Wheels-911 Fuchs OEM Forged Wheels ( Set of 2) 16" By All Factory Widths B-G Series




Fuchsfelge redefines driving performance and style with the best line of Fuchsfelge “Fuchs” wheels. With their distinctive rims and sleek polish, these wheels offer the perfect match for today’s Porsche models. Like the other series, the Fuchsfelge wheels  provide a remarkable combination of function and aesthetics with its superior forged wheels. With their exceptional styling and performance, Fuchs wheels remain a must-have choice for classic Porsche vehicles.All factory original sizes are listed. Choose the proper year and model and the correct factory spec size wheel will be ordered. or choose custom and you can pick the sizes you prefer.

This listing format is set up to offer the most amount of options for the limited amount of choices Fuchs manufacture. The Fuchs wheel sizes and offsets are designed for an OEM application. These wheels are one piece and can only be made to fit in any 911 by the use of spacers .We offer all the spacers needed to make the wheels fit. The goal is to use no spacers or the least amount to get the perfect look.Most Factory 911's used spacers throughout production.  If your 911 is not listed please send an email with your car information and we will find the proper solution.

* EVERY CUSTOMER will be contacted before any wheel is shipped to make sure the proper selection has been made.. Wheels are sold in pairs and price is for 2 wheels. Shipping price is based on $100.00 per wheel delivered in the USA. We are giving away our new company t-shirt with every purchase of a set of wheels.