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Spring Plates-911/930 Heavy Duty Adjustable Spring Plates 1969-87

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 Gain back ride quality and rear end stability with these rear spring plates for your 911. Under prolonged use, especially when driven hard, the OEM bushings can break down allowing more slop in the rear suspension. If neglected long enough or driven under heavy load enough, these bushings will eventually deform allowing the spring plate to contact the cover plate. These spring plates incorporate our HD bushings which are 25% firmer than stock, reducing deflection that would commonly be found in performance applications. Replacing your factory spring plates with our adjustable units will allow full and smooth articulation of the spring plate, thus improving the ride quality and performance of the legendary rear end in your classic 911. Additionally these EZ-Adjust spring plates feature welded adjustment bosses to simplify the process of fine tuning your ride height. The days of fully assembling your suspension, only to remove it again and adjust by a spline are done!