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Seats-Sparco Street or Racing Drivers Seat/QRT-P (Performance) Black or Red Leather

$1,375.00 $1,345.00

 QRT-P (Performance)   is great a mid+ priced  Sparco seat for the occasional race use of your street 911. It does not provide the head bolsters (that race only seats provide) that prevent movement side to side of your head. This same safety equipment obscures your vision in normal street driving.  Please remember that Racing is fun but can shorten your life just like everything that is makes life worth living !The size dimensions are above an in metric which can be converted by Google .

The Sparco QRT-R was the first seat to feature Sparco’s patented QRT technology. The QRT Performance seat represents the luxury evolution of the QRT-R race seat. The QRT Performance uses the same FIA race shell as the QRT-R race seat but is covered in Italian Leather and Alcantara. The seats are handstitched in the Sparco OEM factory in Torino Italy. The QRT Performance has a unique CAD design that features a lower seating position that can fit a larger/taller driver with the exterior dimensions that can fit into smaller cockpits. The QRT Performance can hold the driver during extreme lateral forces, but is also comfortable for long road trips.

Sparco QRT Technology gives an unparalleled mechanical strength/weight ratio for fiberglass composite racing seats. QRT Technology gives an average weight savings of 30% when compared to standard fiberglass technology. The main benefit is that QRT seats approach the weight of carbon fiber seat at the price of a fiberglass composite seat.



  • OEM Italian Leather and Alcantara
  • QRT Technology – 30% Weight savings
  • Ultra-light fiberglass composite shell
  • Lower seating position that can fit taller/larger drivers
  • Smaller outer dimensions for improved vehicle fitment
  • Available in Black or Red 
  • FIA approved


*** MOUNTING KIT IS SHOWN IN THIS LISTING AS AN OPTION. Seats are one of the most complicated parts we sell and just updated this category. We are trying to make it a little easier to find a proper choice for your needs.