Engine Components-911 Carrera Tensioner Guards (Does not include Tensioner Tool Kit)


Carrera Tensioners were developed by Porsche to prevent timing chain tensioner failure, but they have failed and caused major engine damage. This failure typically occurs when starting a engine for the first time after new Carrera Tensioners have been installed and when abruptly letting off the gas at high RPM and going to idle with no load on the engine. Although failure is rare it can now be prevented with Tensioner Guards which has a similar affect to the addition of collars on the original failure prone tensioners but has the advantage of being hydraulic pressure fed so they expand as the chain stretches. Tensioner Guards take all but 2mm of potential reverse travel out of Carrera Tensioners (2mm is needed for heat expansion and is not enough room for chain to skip).Tensioner Tool Kit (shown above ) is recommended and can be bought together as a package or listed separately under "Tools". Works with all 911's to 89 with Carrera Tensioners.