Engine Components-911 Raceware Head Studs (24 -Studs Only) 911/930/964/993


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engine_blockRACEWARE™ cylinder head stud kits are able to prevent head gasket leaks that other highly marketed brands of engine fasteners cannot. This has been proven over and over by engine builders and auto enthusiasts who purchased other brands of head stud kits only to experience chronic head gasket leaks. They ended up replacing those highly advertised aftermarket head stud kits with a genuine RACEWARE head stud kit to permanently eliminate head gasket leaks in their engines. The other fastener brands may look similar to RACEWARE but history and independent lab testing has shown that that the other brands don’t perform the same as RACEWARE Aerospace Quality engine fasteners because they lack the superior engineering designed into every RACEWARE fastener. Results are what counts, not advertising claims and RACEWARE 205,000 PSI tensile strength Aerospace Quality engine fasteners have proven to be the best fasteners for the German engines, bar none, and our customers have proven this countless times!

Designing and manufacturing the best Aerospace Quality engine fasteners for the German engines takes expertise that other companies lack. It’s far more involved than just using a quality alloy steel and rolled threads. Having designed new engines for the car makers for many years, RACEWARE has the technical expertise to properly engineer a superior fastener solution for a specific automotive application. RACEWARE‘s 40 years of engine design and racing success allows us to understand the engine operating environment and the extreme changes that occur when an engine is started at -30° F and progresses to 300°+ F temperatures. Without this knowledge it’s impossible to design the best fastener system for an engine, as demonstrated by the many failed fasteners people send us that were produced by other companies that simply lacked the engine expertise required.

Have you ever wondered about the performance claims that some companies make for their fasteners? You should. Independent testing by government accredited A2LA material testing labs that specialize in threaded fastener testing has shown that these claims are often meritless. RACEWARE is the only company that has a stated Guaranteed Minimum Tensile Strength for our fasteners that is independently verified. RACEWARE is the only German engine fastener supplier to certify the performance of our fasteners to superior Aerospace Quality specifications. Once you experience the quality and performance advantage of RACEWARE  Aerospace Quality engine fasteners, you will see why we are the gold standard in engine fasteners for the German engines. RACEWARE Aerospace Quality engine fasteners are the performance advantage that professional racers depend on and you can too.RACEWARE™ Aerospace Quality Engine Fasteners are an important necessity in today's engines, especially if you are Modding the engine for increased performance. RACEWARE™ Aerospace Quality engine fasteners can increase performance and reliability in your German engine by preventing head gasket leaks, by reducing bearing wear and crankshaft flex. In addition, unlike weak, flimsy one-time use stretch-bolts, RACEWARE™ engine fasteners are 100% re-usable so they save you time and money, and prevent expensive engine failures.

Real-world use in competition and street applications has proven that RACEWARE™ engine fasteners are the highest quality and best performing engine fasteners available anywhere in the world, for the German engines. In fact, RACEWARE™ fasteners are the industry gold standard that other companies compare their products to with claims of: “almost as good as RACEWARE™ ” or similar unsubstantiated and meritless fastener performance claims. Protect your German engine with the finest engine fasteners available – genuine RACEWARE™ certified Aerospace Quality engine fasteners