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Engine Components-911/930 Stainless Steel RSR Engine Mount Crossbar


 For use on Coupe and Targa ,NOT Cabriolet (Cab has a must have damper or engine will fall out) .Adding solid or semi-solid motor mounts is a very popular upgrade for any 911 that is driven the way it was intended to be. Unfortunately the factory mild steel engine carrier is very weak and flexable, defeating the purpose of upgraded mounts. Rennline's RSR Style stainless steel engine carrier eliminates that flex due to its upper and lower horizontal flanges replicating those on the factory RSR race cars. Additionally, the Rennline mount incorporates gusseted mounting points built to withstand extreme horsepower and race abuse. This engine mount is by far the strongest engine brace on the market today. * 964 Turbo's will require aftermarket or RS engine mounts with m12x1.5 threaded bolt.