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Engine Components-911/930/964 Billet Aluminum/ Steel Sleeve Engine Cylinders

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Billet Aluminum-Steel Sleeve Cylinders

 The OEM cylinder heads are cast .These engine cylinders are CNC machined from billet aluminum and feature additional fins and fin surface area to provide the added cooling capacity desired for all racing applications. The steel sleeves provide enhanced performance by maintaining a more rigid and consistent bore shape, improving ring seal and increasing cylinder life under harsh racing conditions. Specify proper cylinder size and case bore/spigot size by part number with exact size required (because there are size variations on each part number) with an email along with order.

*** NOT AVAILABLE AGAIN UNTIL  8/ 1/2017. Sorry for the tease, these are made on a limited run. A small deposit will insure your order. Send us an email for details.


Cylinder Size(s)
Engine Size
Cylinder Head
Engine Case
Case Spigot Size
Part Number

Bore range 80.0 - 84.0mm2.0L2.0LAluminum/ Magnesium92.0 Slip-in131-200
Bore range 80.0 - 84.0mm2.0 thru 2.4L2.2 - 2.7LAluminum/ Magnesium92.0 Slip-in131-202
Bore range 84.0 - 90.0mm2.4 thru 2.7L2.4 - 2.7LAluminum/
7R Magnesium
97.0 Slip-in131-204
Bore range 90.0 - 93.0mm2.7 thru 2.9L2.7LAluminum/
7R Magnesium
98.5 Custom131-206
Bore range 93.0 - 95.0mm3.0 thru 3.2L3.0 - 3.3L3.0 Liter103.0 Slip-in131-208
Bore range 95.0 - 98.0mm3.0L3.0 - 3.3L3.0 Liter105.0 Custom131-210
Bore range 98.0 - 100.0mm3.2L3.0 - 3.3L3.0 Liter105.0, 107.0 Custom131-212
Bore range 98.0 - 100.0mm3.6L3.6L3.6 Liter 964 Case107.0 Slip-in131-214
Bore range 100.0 - 102.0mm3.8L3.6 - 3.8L3.6 Liter 964 Case109.0 Custom131-216
  • Cylinders are designed with maximum wall thickness therefore some cylinders will require case modifications
  • Cylinders are available in complete sets (as listed above) or on an individual basis as required.
  • All cylinder PN's 131-200 thru 131-212 are machined using the 3.0 Liter fin configuration and require the use of 3.0L sheet metal baffling.
  • All dimensions are metric