Engine Components-911 Kuehl Replacement Fuel Line Kit For 3.2 Engine Out 1984-89


This product set is used when you are doing an engine drop and you can access the lines from the backside of the motor.


  • 930-110-411-03, Damper to Regulator Fuel Line
  • 930-110-509-01, Regulator to Return Fuel Line
  • 930-110-595-05, Filter to Rails Fuel Line

Our Construction

  • Better Than OEM!
  • Kuehl brand fuel lines are SAE J30R9 hose, having a higher resistance to fuel and a lowerpermeation than other J30 specs.
  • Resists biofuels including biodiesels.
  • EPA Certified and CARB certified (C-U-07-17) Steel components have protective coating passing EU recommendations.
  • All hose fitting ends conform to DIN mating standards.