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Driveline Components-Billet Short Shift Ultimate Kit-G50 ***1992-97 964/993


      High quality Billet Short Shifter is  for 964/ 993 2WD cars only. CNC machined from 6061 aircraft alloy and anodized. This shifter is double shear instead of single shear providing a cleaner feel, also shortens the throw by one inch. Silver, Black or Stock (OEM shift Knob fits) finish. For G50 .The Ultimate Shift Kit also includes FD RS Style Rod and FD Forward Shift Rod- Kit is not for 1990 -91 964  a different kit RS -006901KIT

The Golden Rod/ RS Style Shift Rod provides a much more precise shift. By replacing the rubber joint in the 993 rod (or poly bushings in the 964 rod) with a u-joint.

This modification immediately improves the sloppy "vague feel" associated with the original shift rods.

The Forward Shift Rod replaces the sloppy ball and cup coupler (which will fail over time) providing a tight precision feel every time you shift.

Note: For installation,  a stud must be pressed in the bottom of the shifter.