Coilover Systems-911 Von Shocks Coilovers Front Brake Line Support Kit 1965-89


Coilover Brake line support

Bracket Installed

standard front struts have welded-on brackets to support the brake hard line. Threaded body coilover struts and coilover sleeve conversion require the removal of these brackets, leaving the brake lines unsupported and prone to failure - always at the worst possible time!

Our support bracket kit is an easy bolt-on support for the brake lines.

The kit bolts to existing threaded holes on the strut.

Easy bolt-on - Attaches to the brake dust shield mounting holes using provided hardware. dust shields can be retained or removed.

Prevents brake hard line flex / fatigue - Supports the brake hard line. Unsupported, the hard line will constantly flex and eventually leak.

Quality throughout - Purpose made brackets are laser - cut from stainless steel and pre-formed. Top quality hardware is provided to complete the kit.