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Coilover Systems-911 Von Shocks Coilovers Rear (Pair) 1965-89

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Rear Coilovers

Just like the fronts, Rear Coilover System is fully engineered and ready to bolt on. No guesswork. Tuned spring rates, shock valving, spring lengths that all work together right out of the box.

Levels - Choose from 4 levels, each tuned with springs and valving matched to your planned usage. Please refer the table above.

Fixed System - This is a perfectly balanced system with fixed rebound and compression rate. Tuned based on selected performance level chosen. This system features extended upper perch for clearance ( '65-'71 911s require Super-extended perch).

Superb Springs - We use 2.25 inch Hypercoil springs. The same springs that are found on Indycars, ALMS, Grand Am and more. They typically measure within 1% of labeled rate. Hypercoils have a Life-Time Guarantee that coils remain within 2% of the original manufacturing tolerances.

All of our coilover kits also include Helper springs. Front and rear. These springs have a very low rate and collapse under the car's weight. Their purpose is to keep the main spring tensioned when the wheel goes to full droop under hard cornering (lifted wheel), over bumps, and on the jack.

Spring dividers are used between main and helper springs. They keep both springs properly aligned and centered on the shock/strut body.

Von Shocks Front Coilover Struts For Porsche 911

Build Quality - Our coilover kits are track proven. Engineered and manufactured with the highest quality standards, each set is hand built to exact specifications of every order. All orders include actual dyno charts, documentation and certification.

Adjust Ride Height - Achieve the perfect ride height and corner balance by raising or lowering the lower perch. Compact design of the threaded sleeve fits 2.25 inch springs for superior tire clearance.

*Choose Model Year 1965-71 or 1972-89