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Torsion Bars-911/930 QuickChange Hollow Torsion Bars Pair (Rear)

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QuickChange Torsion Bars

QuickChange Torsion Bars are Plated & Plugged and include a female threaded end that you can engage with a bolt to use as a handle for easier extraction / insertion.

Use the QuickChange Spring Plate rears bars in combination with our QuickChange Spring Plate products for fast torsion bar swapping and re-indexing. QuickChange Torsion Bars can be extracted through the  without removing any bolts. Alignment settings are maintained. You don't even need to remove the wheel from the car. Changing torsion bars is a 5 minute per side operation!

QuickChange Torsion Bars make it easy to dislodge a stuck bar, and thereby offer benefits even when used on the front and with factory spring plates (factory spring do not allow the bars to be extracted without removing the plates).

A QuickChange Insert is available separately for converting your existing hollow torsion bars.