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Struts-911/930 Rally Struts 70mm Ht (Pair) 1969-89

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Rally Struts

Raise your car to rally height while maintaining proper suspension geometry, travel, and alignment settings.

Spindle height - Lowered 70mm from stock position.

Double steering knuckle - Holds tie rod end between two steering knuckels to eliminate knuckle flex regardless of bump steer spacer length. Allows proper positioning of tie rod with lowered spindle.

Double steering knuckle works as part of our Racing Bump Steer kit, included.

Bump steer adjustable - Includes our Racing Bump Steer kit, allowing massive bump steer adjustment range. Double shear mounting provides solid support for even the longest bump steer spacing.

Weather sealed rods ends included work with regular turbo tie rods.

Gusseted spindle - Gussets for added strength.

***Inserts - Inserts are NOT included. Accepts Von Shock inserts and Bilstein inserts for Bilstein struts.