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Exhaust-996 Turbo FS-625 Supersport Turbo Package 700 HP Option

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Fabspeed Motorsport, the preeminent source in the Porsche tuning industry, has developed the ultimate no-holds-barred turbo upgrade package for the 996 Porsche Turbo.                                                              

The Fabspeed Supersport Turbo Package is comprised of the highest quality, highest performance parts available which combine to bring you massive power gains and reliability you can trust on both your daily driver as well as your dedicated track machine.

Fabspeed Motorsport sets itself apart from the competition by integrating our world-renowned Fabspeed Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust and Competition Intake systems into this turbo upgrade package. This allows us to fine-tune the software in conjunction with the engine and exhaust components for maximum power, sound, and reliability.

This Fabspeed Motorsport Supersport Turbo Package is backed by an industry-leading warranty, which includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all Fabspeed exhaust and intake components and a two-year limited warranty on all other components.


  • - K16 68mm Billet Turbochargers
  • - Billet Diverter Valves
  • - Clubsport Intercoolers
  • - Silicone Intercooler Hoses
  • - High Performance Spark Plugs
  • - ECU Software Tuning Upgrade
  • - High-Boost Wastegate Actuator Kit

    • - Sachs Motorsport Clutch (6-speed only)
    • - Performance Underdrive Pulley
    • - Performance Fuel Injector Kit
    • - Upgraded MAF Sensor
    • - Upgraded ECU Tuning Software

NOTE: Turbo-Core Exchange Deposit may be required (Please call for details)