Wheel Studs-911 Front (Set of 10 Studs)


Wheel Studs

 The wheel studs used with your wheel spacers must be long enough to ensure that at least 9 turns of the nut are completed before securing the wheel to the hub.

Studs are available in 48mm, 52mm, 54mm, 56mm, 66mm, 72mm, 80mm and 100mm lengths. An approximate stud minimum length can be determined from the table below:

Recommended Minimum Stud Length

Spacer SizeStock 45mmStock 52mm
1mm - 2mmStock (45mm)Stock (52mm)
3mm - 7mm52mm +66mm +
8mm - 9mm54mm +66mm +
10mm - 11mm56mm +66mm +
12mm - 21mm66mm +72mm +
22mm - 26mm72mm +80mm +
27mm - 32mm80mm +100mm +

Stud bolt length (sp) is calculated using the following formula: New Stud or Bolt length (mm) = Existing Stud or Bolt length (mm) + Total wheel spacer height (mm)