Engine Components-911 Raceware Aircraft Head Washers nly) 911 930 964 993


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RACEWARE™ offers only the finest Aerospace Quailty head washers to properly distribute the clamp force across the cylinder head to eliminate cracking, warped heads and head gasket leaks. These Porsche 911/930/964/993 head washers are CNC Machined from solid billet bar stock for maximum strength unlike typical head washers that are stamped from soft sheet metal. Stamped washers have a razor sharp edge, unlike RACEWARE Hardened, Billet Head Washers which have a proper machined outside chamfer to prevent stress risers in aluminum cylinder heads that can lead to cracks and failures. RACEWARE washers are heat-treated for maximum strength and durability. Using these properly designed RACEWARE head washer can prevent expensive engine repairs.

 RACEWARE™ Aerospace Quality Engine Fasteners are an important necessity in today's engines, especially if you are Modding the engine for increased performance. RACEWARE™ Aerospace Quality engine fasteners can increase performance and reliability in your German engine by preventing head gasket leaks, by reducing bearing wear and crankshaft flex. In addition, unlike weak, flimsy one-time use stretch-bolts, RACEWARE™ engine fasteners are 100% re-usable so they save you time and money, and prevent expensive engine failures.

Real-world use in competition and street applications has proven that RACEWARE™ engine fasteners are the highest quality and best performing engine fasteners available anywhere in the world, for the German engines. In fact, RACEWARE™ fasteners are the industry gold standard that other companies compare their products to with claims of: “almost as good as RACEWARE™ ” or similar unsubstantiated and meritless fastener performance claims. Protect your German engine with the finest engine fasteners available – genuine RACEWARE™ certified Aerospace Quality engine fasteners