Chassis-911 Low Friction Control Arm Mounts 1965-89


Non-Binding, Friction- Free Movement

Another product innovation - Elephant Racing's proprietary-design Low-Friction Control Arm Mounts allow for free control arm movement, eliminating any potential for binding. We've corrected a key factory design limitation; our mounts self-align in all axis, becoming collinear to avoid binding as the arm moves through its range of motion.

Factory mounts and binding

911 series and 914 factory control arm mounts have slotted holes that allow for self-alignment in the horizontal plane only. Any misalignment in the vertical plane results in pinching and binding at the bushing that resists free movement of the control arm.

Factory mounting points (stamped sheet metal) are imprecise at best and can be substantially off due to frontal impacts, pot holes, or suspension pan replacement. If the mounts are not collinear the control arm will bind with any performance bushing compound or bearing.

Low-Friction Control Arm Mounts

Our Low-Friction Control Arm Mounts self-align in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The result is collinear front and rear mounts delivering smooth Non-Binding action.    You get superior performance and a smoother ride.

Control Arm Mount Kit

Kit includes everything required to upgrade one car. Factory rear mounts are replaced with our self-aligning mounts. Factory front mounts are retained and augmented with self-aligning washers.

With this kit installed, both front and rear control arm mounts self-align in both vertical and horizontal planes. They become collinear, allowing free non-binding motion of the control arm.

Our mounts replicate the factory form factor and work in conjunction with Polybronze bearings, polyurethane, or any other hard compound bushing or bearing. Fits both aluminum and steel suspension cross-members.