Coilover Parts-911 Sleeve Kit For Conversion Rear (Springs Not Included)( Pair)

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Rear Coilover Sleeve Conversion Kit

Easy way to convert your existing non-threaded Bilstein (with 50mm body and 14mm rod) to full adjustable height coilover setup. No welding required. Can also be used with our Von Shock non-threaded shocks.

For '65-'71

Sleeve Kit For '65-'71 For Porsche 911

For '72-'89

Sleeve Kit For '72-'89 For Porsche 911

Sleeve Conversion kit contains all these items:

Upper Perch - Extended to move spring below chassis. Super extended upper perches are provided for '65-'71 cars as they need more clearance.

Lower Perch - Easy height adjustment and corner balancing. Clamp-type is secure and kind to threads.

Threaded Sleeve - Provides height adjustability. Compact design fits 2.25 inch springs for superior clearance.

Snap Ring - Snap ring supports the threaded sleeve. Regular Bilstein shocks require a snap ring groove to be machined into the body. Optionally send your shocks to Elephant Racing for this operation. Von street shocks are pre-equipped with a snap ring and groove.

Instructions - kit includes full installation instructions.

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