Coilover Parts-911 Sleeve Kit For Conversion Boge Front Strut (Springs Not Included) Pair 1965-89

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Front Coilover Sleeve Conversion Kit

Conversion kits provide a cost-effect way to convert to a full coilover setup while retaining your existing non-threaded Bilstein or Boge struts. Our no-weld kit converts regular Bilstein or Boge struts to full adjustable height coilover setup.

For Bilstein Struts

Sleeve Kit For '72-'89 For Porsche 911

For Boge Struts

Sleeve Kit For Boge Struts For Porsche 911

Front Sleeve Conversion kit contains all these items:

Upper Perch - Extended to move spring below chassis, thus allowing max camber adjustment range. Choose perch for regular camber plates or QuickChange Camber Plate fitment.

Seat Bearing Kit - Prevents spring wind-up allowing ease-of-steering.

Strut inserts - Are not included. You may wish to purchase Von Shocks valved to match your chosen springs.

Strut Wiper - Shortens strut 3/4 inch for added travel, much needed on lowered cars.

Lower Perch - Easy height adjustment and corner balancing. Clamp-type is secure and kind to threads.

Threaded Sleeve - Provides height adjustability. Compact design fits 2.25 inch springs for superior tire clearance. Boge Struts require a 2.5" spring. The Boge kit comes with 2.25" to 2.5" spring adapter.

Sleeve Base - Slips on and positions threaded sleeve, no welding required.

*Choose Camber plate mount options 

Coilover Sleeve Conversion Bilstein Strut