Camber-991 Offset Camber Plates For Stock Spring Setup (Pair) 2012+

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More Camber and Caster

Our offset front camber plates allow for additional camber and castor over the factory range of adjustment, similar to the GT3 geometry. These camber plates fit original factory type struts, including those equipped with PASM.

These plates use high strength hardened steel spherical bearings and are direct replacements for the factory plates which use compliant rubber bushings. The teflon lined spherical bearings used in our kit are entirely maintenance free and require no supplemental lubrication. These plates are sealed to prevent contamination from water or grime, thus extending bearing life. This makes the Elephant Racing camber plate kit perfect for regular street use, as well as extended abuse on the race track.

Adjustable Camber Plate for Porsche 911, 996 and 997

Adjustable Camber Plate for Porsche 911, 996 and 997

These camber plates are available for 991 cars equipped with coilover struts or stock type springs (including lowering springs).

Higher Performance

Spherical bearings further improve performance. The spherical bearings pivot freely, but eliminate the deflection that is inherent with the factory rubber bushings. This is important for two reasons;

- The factory rubber acts as a spring in series with the strut. This rubber spring-action is completely un-damped and reduces the struts ability to control the tire contact patch. The spherical bearing allows the strut damper to do its job and control the contact patch.

- The factory rubber deflects sideways under cornering loads, causing loss of camber just when you need it most. Our spherical bearings eliminate the deflection, maintaining stable and predictable camber.