Camber-996/997 Camber Plate Monoball Cartridges (Pair) 1999-2012

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For Porsche 996/997

Cartridges install easily into stock camber plates of 996/997 cars. An excellent alternative to our QuickChange Camber Plates for cars that don't need more camber but still want the handling precision of a spherical bearing monoball.

Spherical bearings improve performance. The spherical bearings pivot freely, but eliminate the deflection that is inherent with the factory rubber bushings. This is important for two reasons;

Camber Plate Monoball Bearings For Porsche 996/997

Shown with factory camber plate, not included

Camber Plate Monoball Bearings For Porsche 996/997

• The factory rubber acts as a spring in series with the strut. This rubber spring-action is completely un-damped and reduces the struts ability to control the tire contact patch. The spherical bearing allows the strut damper to do its job and control the contact patch.

• The factory rubber deflects sideways under cornering loads, causing loss of camber just when you need it most. Our spherical bearings eliminate the deflection, maintaining stable and predictable camber.