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Tools-Rear Control Arm Bushing Installation Tool 991 2012+


Bushing Installation Tools

For Porsche 991

Simplify the installation process. Our Two piece cup and piston tool allows for simple bushing extraction and insertion without removal of the component or use of a shop press. The tool is designed to precisely fit the bushing circumference, preventing accidental damage to the bushing and ensuring proper installation. Tools are available for the following:

 Rear Shock Lower Mount Monoball Kit Rear lower control arm

Front Lower Control Arms Center Bushings Center bushing can be replaced without removing the control arm. Simply disconnect the caster arm and use the tool to replace the bushing in place.

Front Lower Control Arms Center bushings

Rear Lower Control Arm – 991 control lower control arm bushings are fitted into the rear subframe. This tool allows for bushing extraction and installation without the need of subframe removal.

Rear lower control arm

Rear Lower Shock Mount – Similar to the control arm bushings, lower shock mount bushings are pressed into the lower shock mounts, this tool makes installation of these bushings easy and without removal of the subframe.