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Body Kit-964 RSR "Raul Welt Look" Complete Kit Includes Bolt On Fender Flares ,Front /Rear Bumpers and Rocker Pannels.

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This kits fits all 911's from 68 till 94. (long body cars). The fenders attach and look a lot like the famous RAUL Welt ( does not include beer , cigarettes or installation but cost over $15,000 less ) For pre 964 holes for the torsion tubes need to be cut (if you want to change the height or they become damaged) The car shown is a G-body. No fasteners are included, but we offer GT2 installation kits  (see GT2 Fender flares ) if a customer wants to bolt them on. They are made of fiberglass and can be glassed in for a smooth look .This is are a very popular look and are made in the USA . We just started offering this kit .Only sold as a complete kit for first time customers of this kit but spare parts are available if car gets damaged. This kit ship free worldwide !

Complete Kit Includes :

 WIDE Rear Fender Flares 14" Fiberglass

 WIDE Front Fender Flares 11" Fiberglass

 WIDE Rocker Panels 11" and 14" Fiberglass

WIDE Front Bumper 11" Fiberglass

WIDE Front Splitter "Hand Laid" Kevlar - 14"

WIDE Rear Bumper 14" Fiberglass

RS 3.8 Tail Spoiler

* Does not include any fasteners (which are offered as a 993 GT2/RSR  installation kit is listed on our site (bolts for front and rear flares)are listed under "body components"*gaskets will not fit because they are designed for 993 GT2/RSR fender flares . Also does not include rear wing shown in pictures.